Product update: new integrations, enhanced analytics and improved usability

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At Synergist, we like to make your life easier. Which means we’re constantly looking for ways we can improve, from big new product releases to little hacks which can lift some of your daily pressures.

We never have – and never will – considered our system ‘finished’, and continuous improvement runs through our veins. Good news for your agency!

With this in mind, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring a fantastic new update to Synergist, with over 70 of the most popular development requests.

Here are some of the bigger, more noteworthy upgrades we’ve made.

Two-way Outlook Calendar integration

Scheduling is such a major part of agency life. It can also be one of the more frustrating aspects, when you schedule work for a team member only to find they have meetings/a dentist appointment or something else which means they’re not actually available.

The new two-way integration means meetings in Outlook Calendar will appear in Synergist, and vice versa, giving you full visibility over actual availability. Helping you avoid overcommitting or double booking, as well as letting you plan your resource better.

As a reassurance, though, this feature doesn’t come at the expense of privacy. Outlook entries will show in Synergist, but without any detail of what they are unless you open them.

Outlook Calendar showing 2-way Synergist integration

Google single sign-on (SSO)

For added speed and convenience, you’ll now be able to configure Synergist to use Google or Microsoft single sign-on to authenticate users. This means you won’t need a separate Synergist log-in. Making the whole thing smoother and simpler, but crucially, without compromising security.

More custom reporting options

Data Viewer now has some great new options, including the ability to create formulas, add new filters, and use multiple cross-field tabs.

We have also introduced some extra features to improve usability. All designed to improve, hone and enhance what you see and how you see it.

New list views

Analysing performance will be even faster and easier with some added new features. You can now add Client Type and Market Sector onto your Job and Opportunities pages, and show client targets as well as percentage achieved and remaining on your client list.

Even more product updates

This is just a snapshot of the many fantastic new features we’re adding, you can see all the new features and release notes hereYou can also see previous product updates to catch up on anything you might have missed.

We’re excited to bring you even more updates and improvements in 2024, including a whole new look for Synergist! It's a big project to roll out across the entire product, BUT it looks fantastic! Watch this space!