30% of fastest-growing B2B agencies use Synergist

 |  By: Kate Jones In: Synergist news

B2B Marketing have released their B2B agencies league table, ranking the top 75 B2B agencies across several metrics including revenue and year-on-year growth.


Those of you in the B2B Marketing world will be familiar with this highly-respected publication, it’s a great achievement to be included in their list of greatness and we’d like to congratulate everyone who has made it into their much-coveted list.


We’d like to offer a special congratulations to all our clients who’ve been included.  We were very proud to discover that 30% of the fastest-growing agencies are Synergist users.


Our software is all about allowing agencies to access the information required to help them thrive and grow, whilst offering scalability as they do. So for us, it’s a true test of our product that so many fast-growing agencies have chosen Synergist. And that it's giving them visibility and financial control across their agency, supporting such growth.   


We’re also delighted to see that 30% of global agencies in the list are also using Synergist, as well as 26% of the top agencies overall.

We know there's a great wealth of talented B2B Marketing agencies out there, so to be chosen by some of the best, and to help them succeed is a real privilege.


You can register to get a flavour for the report here.  And if you’re a B2B Marketing member, you can view the whole thing.

If you'd like to know more about Synergist, and how we can help get your name on this list, then why not book on to one of our upcoming webinars, delivered by our implementation partners The Agency Works