Keep project costs on track with our job costing software

The drive to make profit is a fundamental part of the health of any business. But agencies, consultancies and other project based enterprises have particular demands and challenges they have to grapple with every day.

That’s why it makes sense to use job costing software built from the outset with project-optimised intelligence, helping you optimise the tracking of work and manage a job's health and profitability, yet have more time for client work.

Synergist provides...

  • Quick quoting from scratch or from a template to help with accuracy
  • Standard as well as client and job specific rates to eliminate errors
  • A job costing system giving live visibility of job progression against budget to highlight potential problems early on
  • Easy capture of all costs at source including time, purchases and expenses
  • Details of individual costs as well as expected costs (such as work already scheduled)
  • Accurate separate tracking of additional work for easy billing as chargeable extras
  • Simple visibility of estimated as well as actual profitability
  • Configurable email alerts to notify users of certain situations or potential problems
  • Full work in progress (WIP) reporting along with intelligent billing plans.

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