What is not having Synergist costing your agency?

Synergist is the UK's leading Agency Management System. Gain the control and visibility required to maximise resources, improve profitability and accelerate agency performance.

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500+ top performing agencies use Synergist

Synergist scales with you from 10 to 500+ people, so you only go through implementation once. 

How busy are you?

Agencies are notoriously busy environments, and every hour needs to be tactically used and preferably chargeable.  

How you use and record time, can become your agency’s greatest asset, or your biggest risk.  

Implementing Synergist Agency Management Software will save everyone time and bring visibility for better team utilisation across your agency.

What are you missing out on by not implementing Synergist?  

  • Hours saved with heavily reduced administration and no need to duplicate data entry 
  • Instantaneous financial reporting, with no meetings, discussions or cross-system interpretation required 
  • More productive teams and clarity on capacity and how time is being used  
  • Clear priorities for all 
  • Time-reducing dashboard views and alerts for a snapshots of key information 

"Previously we only found out what was really happening after the event.

"Synergist makes it so much easier, my month-end has been cut in half."


See the full story of how much Tayburn achieve with Synergist.

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See your agency's health in an instant

Key reports provide a detailed, yet immediate, view on capacity, utilisation, work in progress, profitability and more. Whilst dashboard views are your visual, snapshot indicator of all the metrics that matter to you. With alerts ensuring nothing slips through the net. 

You gain an immediate view on job, client, phase or overall agency health. So you can pinpoint and plug issues before they spread, minimise over-servicing and reduce reoccurring bottlenecks.

Mgt dashboard and Work in Progress report

Levelling based on loading summary

Make every hour count

Gain confidence that everyone is spending the right amount of time on the right jobs. This knowledge could make the single biggest advancement to your agency.  

Time-friendly scheduling, with drag-and-drop functionality and auto-populated fields taken directly from estimates.  And when things change, as they often do, briefs, estimates and more attached to scheduled jobs, will ensure that the right work is prioritised and more work remains chargeable.  

Synergist users make an average profit of 20% compared to the industry standard of 9.7%

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Everybody working on the right tasks

As work gets busier and clients get more demanding priorities can get murky. Synergist’s Kanban boards ensure that everybody knows their shifting priorities and no tasks are forgotten about. Managers can raise or reduce the priority of tasks at the click of a button, and boards are configurable, so everyone only sees what they need to for their role. This brings maximum simplicity and clarity. 

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Implementation support with best practise advice

Implementation specialists The Agency Works, have been delivering systems to the UK's most successful agencies for over a decade. You gain their best practise advice on how to set-up and manage your system. Along with on-going consultancy as required.

And there's more...


Seamless accounts integration

Synergist will integrate seamlessly to your existing accounts system, so you don’t have to compromise. Get the best agency management system and keep the accounts software you know and love. 


We grow with you

Synergist will scale with you, from 10 -600 employees so you only go through implementation once. Expert agency consultants, The Agency Works, will simply evolve your system to meet new needs 

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Free support

Knowledgeable human support. Every working day, we’re always here on phone and email, in the same office as our developers, to help you get the most from your Synergist system 

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Enjoy a personal demo, focused on your goals.

Your demo will be delivered by our implementation partners, The Agency Works. A member of their team will be in touch to arrange it shortly. 

During your demo, they'll listen to what you're trying to achieve and use their extensive experience working with agencies to show you what's possible and offer best practise advice. 

Typically demos take around 15 minutes.