Synergist is a powerful, cross platform, relational database application.

It can be accessed from a PC or Mac using either native client software, web browser, iPhone or iPad.

In addition the server component runs natively on either a Windows machine or Mac. This ensures excellent performance on either platform whether in the office or working remotely.

Synergist has been designed to be installed in organisations that do not necessarily have dedicated IT resource. For example, updates to the system are downloaded overnight and upgrades performed automatically to ensure all clients can benefit from the latest Synergist developments.

The server is also configured to create copies of your data on a scheduled basis for incorporation in your standard backup routine. Synergist allows users to continue working whilst backups are performed automatically in the background ensuring data security without interruption.

This approach offers the performance, data security and reliability benefits of a locally installed system with the automatic update and remote access benefits of a remotely hosted solution.

The following are the recommended specifications for machines running Synergist:

Operating System RAM Disk Space Processor
 Network Client Windows 7 Pro
Windows 8 Pro
1Gb 300Mb 2.0Ghz
 Dedicated Synergist Server Windows 2008 Server
Windows 2012 Server
4GB 40GB 2.0Ghz 2 cores min.
 Network Client Mac OS v10.7x or later 1Gb 300Mb Intel only
 Dedicated Synergist Server Mac OS v10.7x or later 4Gb 40Gb Intel only
Intranet Browser - PC/Mac
(IE9 or above)
Screen Resolution - All Cases 1280 x 1024 Recommended (1280 x 768 Minimum)

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