What MDs say about scalability

"There comes a time in every agency’s life when you stand back and have to decide where you want to take it. Do you want to just carry on being a neat SME, trying to navigate the ups and downs? Or do you want more than that from it?

We decided to get serious. Preparing the agency for growth, getting the basics right, making sure you’ve got the right people with the bigger picture mind-set, having them run proper little cost centers and so on…and getting a serious system to drive through the efficiencies, give you what you need and be able to grow with you. These were long-term decisions. Getting Synergist was a key part of it, and I’m glad we did it.

We’re sorted now and for the future, and I can see that I could run a 200-person agency with Synergist. That’s very reassuring.

Knowing you have a system that can handle it all and pull it all together and grow with you is a good feeling. Getting Synergist was a smart move. I will retire with Synergist.”

Mark Beaumont, Founder, Dinosaur

“We planned from the outset that ours should be a growth business, not a lifestyle business. Synergist allows us to scale. It also helps us know what sort of projects we can take on. It tells us our current capacity as a business.”

As a digital agency we always tell our clients that their website is the backbone to their business. Well, Synergist is the backbone to our business.”

Simon Butler, Co-Founder, Purestone

"Synergist brings enterprise-quality job costing and project management efficiency. Plus, live project visibility for the entire team with scalability from 10 -500 employees.

When the app market began to explore, we had the right talent and expertise in place. When working with FTSE 250 companies, you have to prove that you can do complex work, satisfy client requirements and always be professional. This comes from having the right processes and systems in place that grow with your business."

Sarah Weller, Managing Director, Mubaloo  

"Synergist has helped us be more scalable. People are empowered now. Decisions that used to drop relentlessly into my lap every day are now taking place with no fuss. That's a payoff that keeps on paying."

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Clevercherry