What MDs say about profitability

“Many of the tasks which had taken weeks in the previous system could be reduced to hours, and...would certainly improve productivity and profitability. The system allows us to see exactly where we are with every job in terms of profitability and progress.”

 Michelle Earl, Managing Director, Earl and Thompson

Our work requires a management system and administrative processes to keep tabs on everything that’s happening and to ensure that we achieve our promises to clients as well as safeguarding our profits.

Over the years we have used a number of agency management software packages, some very limited in scope and others focused on job trafficking. All of them have had drawbacks and in some cases the products were not what an agency of our size needed.

Extensive research led us to discover Synergist. The product demo revealed an easy-to use software package that, since installation, has revolutionised our admin processes and allowed us to monitor and organise everything that goes through the studio, from conception to delivery.

Synergist certainly offers far more flexibility and control than our previous systems. In addition, The Agency Works (Synergist's implementation partners) offered us excellent training and support, and in a very short time we were up and running and creating detailed financial and progress reports like experts”

Sukhi Dehal, Managing Director 383

"For us, it's essential that we deliver great apps, on time and on budget. Synergist gives us the tools to make sure we can monitor this every step of the way.

"For every project Synergist shows us how much work is done vs the amount billed. Do we have enough time to complete the job on plan? Are we overrunning? Is the project in good health? These are essential weekly analyses, we make with the system."

Managing Director, digital agency