What MDs say about knowing the facts

"The factual data that Synergist delivers allows us to have conversations with clients that we couldn't have before. It's the power of proof. With data in front of you, you can discuss the situation with clarity and confidence. "

David Ladds, Director, Bladonmore

"We just need the facts to make informed decisions. The information empowers the team.  Smarter client conversations take place today."

Phil Robinson, Founder & CEO, ClickThrough

Phil Robinson of ClickThrough

"Everyday use is proving to be very straightforward for all our staff. Synergist is proving to be very impressive with the quality and detail of the reports now that we have a large volume of data. All indications are that the system will probably pay for itself in just three or four months.

I would certainly recommend Synergist to any agency looking for a system to provide accurate reporting, ease of use for staff to log time, compatibility with accounting software and data entry that no one can hide from.”

Sukhi Dehal, Director, 383