What MDs say about decision making

"You've got to think fast today. An Account Manager asks you about some costings, with the history of previous jobs in front of you, which we get from Synergist, you can say 'here's what's happened before. 'It makes decision-making easier and more transparent.

We no longer have to rely on gut instinct and experience along. It's there in black and white. Synergist gives me the reports I need.

It's also educating the team. They make better decisions now. It promotes self-education. Team members are much more aware now of what costs go into a job. It means that even though we're benefitting from Synergist today, next year we'll benefit even more."

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Clevercherry

"Every team member is constantly making decisions. Having all the facts brings a level of objectivity and clarity to decision-making that can be otherwise hard to achieve."

David Ladds, Director, Bladonmore

"We have worked together with the Synergist team to develop reports and processes that mean the software sits at the very heart of our business's decision making.

When I look at the MI of our business every Monday, 100% of what I see is driven out of Synergist."

Nat Gross, Former CEO, Amaze