What FDs say about easy-to-view profitability

"In the old days we used a clunky, horrible job management system. I used to have to sit down with the Account Managers every month and ask questions like 'why is this job over?', 'why have you not billed this one?' It took an enormous amount of time and we only found out what was really happening after the event, when it was too late.

With Synergist I know what's going on in every job and how many hours are left. And the W.I.P is good. Most design agencies don't have a clue about where they are on time spent and costs incurred to a job, until it's too late.

Synergist pulls everything together. We track income, W.I.P, cost, overruns, margins, time utilisation, profitability analysis - everything comes from Synergist. It's all encompassing. You have to be able to see the big picture at a glance. If Synergist was somehow taken away from us, it would be worse than having a fire."

Steven Clark, Financial and Commercial Manager, Tayburn

"Before we went with Synergist, our time wasn't integrated with revenues. We couldn't track capacity or client profitability. Finance was separate from the rest of the agency, I was in my own little world. Not now. Everything's connected, visible, transparent.

Synergist showed us we have been heavily over-servicing. Upselling takes place now, before Synergist we wouldn't have been able to achieve that. Having the data makes all the difference. What Synergist gives us is phenomenal, it's given us efficiencies from beginning to end."

Director of Finance at a UK agency