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How Mubaloo became the UK's leading business app developer

Leading mobile strategist and developer to the Enterprise 200 sector

A major force in the business app world with in-house end-to-end development, mobile UX/UI speciality, enterprise-grade integration and multi-sector experience. They have offices in London, Bristol, Germany and New York.

Sarah Weller, then Mubaloo's Managing Director shares with us Mubaloo's secrets.

Just how did they reach that coveted business app top spot?

She also explains what Synergist's contribution is.

"Synergist helps us throughout our whole process.

"From monitoring our lead generation, pipeline and new business activity all the way through to setting up client projects and monitoring their health."

Some Mubaloo clients.

"Four years ago...

  • The business apps marketplace was not yet established
  • Prospects and the media were wary
  • Economic conditions were challenging

We decided that to become a leader in the enterprise mobile app market we needed to build our credibility, create a streamlined process and be expertsd in design, integration and cross-platform development."

The 7 steps they took

1. Focus & communication

They focused on business apps from the outset:

In positioning to prospects

In communications to the media

In educating the market

2. Understanding clients

  • They spent time listening to client issues, and built up their knowledge of what mobile could offer
  • They set up workshops, sometimes with multiple stakeholders, to understand clients in depth -- needs, integration, objectives

Mubaloo client work for Aberdeen Asset Management

3. Creating the process

Planning  |  Scoping  |  Multi-platform  |  Security  |  Information architecture  |  User journey and experience  |  Consultancy  |  Backend integration  |  Quality assurance  |  Testing

4. Managing pricing

They maintain margins by avoiding surprises

  • Bespoke app development is a complex process. Mubaloo has worked hard to refine the accuracy of their quoting.
  • This avoids surprises for the client and ensures Mubaloo remains profitable.

Mubaloo client work for Equiniti Pension Solutions

5. Hiring the talent

They invest in recruitment

  • Clients want to meet the team. Mubaloo doesn't outsource development overseas. Teams work side by side: Efficiency and learning.
  • They work with the Bristol University Dept of Computer Science. 'It's important for us to find the right people so we stay ahead and keep innovating.'

6. Installing Synergist

They sought scalability for growth:

  • Synergist brings enterprise-quality job costing and project management
  • Plus live project visibility for the entire team, with scalability from 100-500 employees.

Mubaloo client work for Shop Direct

7. Finding confidence

Their confidence soared.

With the above steps in place, Mubaloo began winning major enterprise work and confidence rocketed.

Says Sarah Weller:

"Then, when the app market began to explode, we had the right talent and expertise in place. At that point, our commitment to these seven stages really paid off, and business and awards started coming in.

"When working with FTSE 250 companies, you have to prove that you can do complex work, satisfy client requirements and always be professional. This comes from having the right processes and systems in place that grow with your business."

Mubaloo client work for Crossrail

Mubaloo client work for CrossRail

The part Synergist plays

"For us iit is essential that we deliver great apps, on time and on budget. Synergist gives us the tools to make sure we can monitor this every step of the way.

"Synergist helps us throughout our whole process. From monitoring our lead generation, pipeline and new business activity all the way through to setting up client projects and monitoring their health."

“Synergist sits at the centre of everything we do, operationally and financially."

Mubaloo client work for Intelliflo UK

"For every project, Synergist shows us how much work is done vs the amount billed.

  1. Do we have enough time to complete the job on plan?
  2. Are we overrunning?
  3. Is the project in good health?

"These are essential weekly analyses we make with the system. We also check staff utilisation weekly.

"Plus we use Synergist in our marketing management. We track our lead sources very carefully with it. It’s really important for us to know which marketing initiatives work and which ones don’t. It helps us decide how we should be allocating budgets. I also create reminders of actions and who to call – you can set it all up in Synergist."

"We check the business pipeline weekly with Synergist – it’s essential. Which projects are 95% likely to come in? 75%? 50%? It helps us decide what resources we need to start pencilling into projects.

"Things happen fast here. You have to keep on top of it."

Mubaloo work done for client Aviva

Mubaloo client work for Aviva

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