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Enjoy Digital discusses growth

Enjoy Digital's logo plus Ian Fiddler, their Head of Business Operations

Enjoy Digital is one of the fastest-growing independent agencies in the UK. Its team of 50 full time members of staff work provide fully integrated digital marketing and solutions development with a range of leading brands, including Cox Automotive, Costcutter and Hesco Bastion.

Enjoy Digital has doubled in size over the last two years and has ambitious plans for the future growth, involving Synergist.

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations at Enjoy Digital, manages the agency’s busy studio and workflow throughout the business. He has been instrumental in ensuring the agency is efficient, streamlined and profitable while supporting its growth.

Here, he shares with us how Enjoy Digital has conquered the challenge of running a busy environment to produce high quality client work while tracking and improving job profitability.

Growth begins now

Growth Begins Now – an Enjoy Digital theme

Effortlessly agile:
a leaner consultancy for
a more dynamic world

Synergist simplifies new staff starters

“Synergist is a key part of the induction process for all new starters. They’re taken through why and how we use the system. They look at how to navigate the system, the classification of jobs, how to record time and how to monitor the job through its lifecycle. Their team leader will show them the more specific details needed for their role. After an initial session they are able to use Synergist to find any further client information themselves."

"Even though it’s a mammoth system and can be daunting to new users. New employees quickly understand which elements of the system are relevant to their job role.

"They can also ask anyone in the agency if they have any queries, as everyone uses the system, and the Synergist help desk is also there for support."

Client work by Enjoy Digital for Costcutter

Client work by Enjoy Digital for Costcutter

Saving time at a senior level

"To streamline our invoice process, we have introduced an approval process, through Synergist, which allows different levels of our client services team the ability to raise and approve invoices."

"These are made real by our finance team. By using the different approval levels within the system, it means our account directors are only checking and approving the invoices, rather than constructing them from scratch."

Some of Enjoy Digital's awards

Some of Enjoy Digital's awards

One system as a backbone to growth

"Synergist has really helped with our end-to-end journey. It’s not just about securing client details or invoices, but managing everything; from business development through to completing the project, including estimation, quoting, scheduling and time recording.

"We used to use so many systems, now it’s all handled by Synergist."

An Enjoy Digital desk

In summary

Ian’s use of one scalable system across the agency is helping to support the business’s continued significant growth. By getting new starters chargeable on their tasks as soon as possible, removing potential bottlenecks, and freeing up time at senior level, this ensures Enjoy Digital has the control and visibility needed to continue to expand and develop in a secure and profitable manner.

Enjoy's office

Enjoy Digital's office

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