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Enjoy Digital discusses profitability tracking

Enjoy Digital's logo plus Ian Fiddler, their Head of Business Operations

Enjoy Digital is one of the fastest-growing independent agencies in the UK. Its team of 50 full time members of staff work provide fully integrated digital marketing and solutions development with a range of leading brands, including Cox Automotive, Costcutter and Hesco Bastion.

Enjoy Digital has doubled in size over the last two years and has ambitious plans for the future growth, involving Synergist.

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations at Enjoy Digital, manages the agency’s busy studio and workflow throughout the business. He has been instrumental in ensuring the agency is efficient, streamlined and profitable while supporting its growth.

Here, he shares with us how Enjoy Digital has conquered the challenge of running a busy environment to produce high quality client work while tracking and improving job profitability.

Enjoy Digital's logo on their building

Tracking estimates to ensure job profitability

"Across the business, nobody at Enjoy Digital can schedule work before they’ve produced an estimate in Synergist. An estimate is broken down, based on each function of the business required to deliver the product to the client. These hours are then used to plan time in the schedule in order to highlight when work will be delivered.

"Each person working on the project would ultimately record their daily time through the ‘time and expenses’ function. This gives client services the visibility of when a job is reaching its allocated estimate, and therefore allows them to keep an eye on profitability."

"Synergist’s dashboard feature can see what has been forecasted and what’s actually been invoiced to date.

"At any point throughout the month we can see straight away at what stage a job or opportunity is, so the dashboard speeds up the process and enables us to react more quickly.

"If our client services director sees that the forecast for the month is off track, he can now chase his team and get them to adjust billing plans and job completion dates."

Client work by Enjoy Digital

Client work by Enjoy Digital

Better job visibility leads to impactful changes

"We have an ‘Annual Client Management’ job for each client, which is used to record general meetings and calls.  This allows us to identify the amount of investment we spend on a client. Opportunities are tracked in Synergist to identify the time it is taking to close an opportunity. Expenses and time spent on a pitch or in prospect meetings and more all goes against the job.

"The Annual Client Management job is reviewed year-by-year so we can see how much investment is spent on a client."

Client work by Enjoy Digital

Client work by Enjoy Digital

Gaining insights through using one system

"Everyone in the agency accesses and logs their time in Synergist, and this has been fundamental in getting visibility on where jobs are at, profitability-wise, as all the information we need is in one place. I can easily see the time spent on a job against what has been estimated, as well as what people are working on and how long it’s taking."

"We also generate a lot of reports from the system; team leaders and client services get billing reports and opportunity reports, and our sales team get activity reports on a weekly basis. Even our pipeline is on the system. We’re committed to Synergist and made sure it’s used religiously across the agency."

Enjoy Digital office

Enjoy Digital office

How past jobs shape future costings

"When it comes to future estimating we can go back and review a previous jobs, assessing both estimates and actuals. This is invaluable when it comes to providing clients with quotes and has helped enormously with costing of jobs."

Client work by Enjoy Digital

Client work by Enjoy Digital

Visibility supporting growth

"Getting into the mind-set of putting information into the system has enabled us to plan ahead.

"Our growth has happened quickly so it’s great that we can forecast on both client services and new business.

"We can also put a direct split on job types (projects and retainers) this allows us to capacity plan and predict any increases we may require in our head count for future months."

"I can report on job profitability to the board based on these job types so they know which area of the business is most productive. For the last two years, the figures from Synergist are as accurate as that of our accounts, package. They have identified growth in all areas.

"This reporting helps the board to see which areas of the business are growing more, and also helps with recruitment planning. There are many decisions the board can now make by using the information that Synergist provides through its reports and data viewer."

Enjoy Digital office

Enjoy Digital office

In summary

Ian is using the visibility he has at his finger tips to make informed decisions that drive future work. Being able to see which jobs are most profitable enables Ian to provide the board with a solid foundation for making key decisions around direction and growth.

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