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Get live control of your projects by seeing everything together in one view.

Synergist is the UK's leading job costing and project management system for agencies, consultancies and in-house departments.

Stop things falling through the cracks

Which projects are completed? What still needs to be done? And by whom?

What’s urgent? What’s suddenly starting to slip? What's starting to go over budget? And the biggest fear of all: is there something that's somehow about to dribble away through the cracks altogether?

Don't worry. With Synergist, everything is linked together so once something is entered it can't be missed, giving you full control.

How it works

Synergist is a system of power and flexibility. It's cloud-based or on-premises, and makes it as easy as possible for project managers to track costs and budgets, and allocate and manage resources quickly and efficiently.

Helping you do your job

Every day, project managers across the land in creative agencies and other project-based businesses and consultancies rely on Synergist. They use it to manage their projects, make the best use of the resources they have, get their work out on time and drive their businesses forward profitably.

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How it helps you

It helps you keep track

Start with high-level dashboards and drill down into in-depth reporting. Synergist makes it easy to access the data you need from wherever you are, by browser, mobile or desktop. 

It helps you collaborate

Share timelines, documents status updates with your colleagues, knowing that everyone is always working on the same set of live, current, dependable data.

It saves you time

Having everything in one system means you don't have to waste precious time searching for stuff. It also makes it easy to re-use content and adapt it for similar projects, saving a lot of time.

In a previous role at a mid-sized, integrated agency, I experienced agency life before, during implementation and after Synergist.


Life pre-Synergist was frustrating, paper-based and convoluted with regular instances of human error and confusion. And that was quite a smooth system!


During implementation, I won’t lie, it takes time and resource to get it set up properly and tailored to your individual processes, but it’s time well spent to ensure it works the way you want, when you want and for who you want.


Post-Synergist, we found processes, reporting and training/induction so much smoother, faster and with such in-depth reporting capabilities. Profitability improved and admin time was vastly reduced. All information on clients, suppliers, finance, projects, retainers, jobs and artwork is just a click away.


I find this MIS very comprehensive, (no doubt more so than most agencies will ever need) and it’s clear that its developed specifically for our industry, with clear understanding of client/supplier relationships, profit margin management and staffing issues facing agencies.


Needless to say I’m now a few weeks into the process of implementing Synergist at my new agency and am genuinely excited about the changes it will bring.

Jen Hill, Client Services Director, The Write Angle

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