Helping with difficult decisions

The MD has the toughest decisions of them all. So that's the role that needs the best possible data to help guide them.

It's one of the main reasons MDs speak so generously about what Synergist does for them: it's a renowned strength of the system.

The power of having the facts

Confronting a major client

Do large clients automatically have you over a barrel?

They do if you don't have all the facts. But when you have the data, for example about consistent over-servicing, we find that clients do listen.

We asked Phil Robinson, CEO of ClickThrough Marketing, for his experience.

Phil Robinson:

“Synergist showed us that we had been grossly over-servicing one big client for a long time."  

“Before Synergist we had never been confident enough to risk letting a client go. But now the data is clear. We know the time spent, job history, our capacity, everything." 

“Previously, we acted like the client had us over a barrel. We don’t do that any more."

“For any agency, decisions like this are really hard if you don’t have all the facts. They are so much easier when you do"   

Reducing bad surprises

Steven Clark, Financial and Commercial Manager of 40-strong Tayburn, told us:

“With Synergist I know what’s going on in every job, and the great thing about it is that I know it as it’s happening. Costs are captured real-time. So there are no surprises."

And the Operations Director of LHM told said:

“We use Synergist’s Report Alerts. For example, when estimated costs logged to a job reach 50% we see whether we are half way through completing the job. It flags up problems early. So when we get to 100% there aren’t any surprises.”

How much would you pay to avoid bad surprises?

It's not problems that get you. Problems are inevitable. What gets you is the lack of awareness of them until it's too late to act. For Steven Clark, live visibility of costs solves a lot of issues.

Head versus heart

What's your management style? Logic or intuition?

Surely the trick is not to rely exclusively on either, but to employ both. Let the data give you factual insights as a reliable foundation on which to make the decision.

The MD of a digital agency told us:

You need something to help reconcile your head and your heart. Before Synergist we had a big heart but we would work like headless chickens. Now, the data helps us make better decisions."

"It also helps us focus on our point of difference.”