MDs & Owners: Gain live visibility

Nobody should be steering their business in the dark.

Live visibility means you can see your KPIs and issues in real time, and make decisions based on one consistent set of the facts pulled together within one system.

One complete system

One core need is the ability to see everything linked together: projects, clients, resources, the pipeline - everything. Plus, you need to be able to track the impact each element has on overall profitability.

You could get individual systems for each separate element, but this leaves you with lots of systems working in silos. You don’t get an overall view and you have to input the same information into numerous systems. Plus, you pay more for the privilege as the cost of each system soon racks up. Another option is an ERP, but as well as vastly increased costs, the complexity is often overwhelming and not needed.

Synergist gives you one view of everything so you easily track jobs and overall agency health at a glance and on a daily basis.

The power of scalability

How important is scalability to you? It's one of the biggest reasons our clients tell us they chose Synergist. You can grow to 500+ people using exactly the same software throughout. It's one less thing to worry about.

Note that our cloud-based system means your teams can access Synergist via a browser, wherever they are. Ideal for remote working.

What MDs say about scalability

Trigger better-informed decisions
across your business


We all pride ourselves on our instinct. It’s got us where we are. But is it enough? It’s enormously reassuring to be able to back instincts up with solid data.

What MDs say about knowing the facts

Difficult decisions

Big decisions are hard. Should we let a client go? What sorts of projects should we be focusing on? Having the data makes tough decisions and conversations easier.

What MDs say about difficult decisions

Profitability decisions

A key reason for choosing Synergist is to get the tools and information to be able to systematically drive profitability across your company.

What MDs say about profitability

Your trusted management system

Every day, thousands of people in creative agencies and other project-based businesses and consultancies rely on Synergist. They use it to manage their projects, track their time, inform their decisions, oversee their clients and drive their businesses forward profitably.

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Synergist allows us to scale.”

“As a digital agency we always tell our clients that their website is the backbone to their business.

“Well, Synergist is the backbone to our business.

Simon Butler
Co-Founder, Purestone

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Only a serious system can pull all that together.”

“The best thing? It’s live data that drives the decisions that we make every day. Everything is at your fingertips.

“A client phones you and – two clicks – you have it all in front of you.”

Steve Revell
Managing Director, Maleon

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“Patterns emerge that we couldn’t see before."

"For example we didn’t have the visibility that some projects, or working for certain clients, always resulted in a loss. Knowing that helps our decision making, our pricing, our prioritising.”

Sara Blannin
Finance Director, ECUS

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