Finance: Gain live visibility

No FD wants to be steering their business in the dark.

The alternative is live visibility which gives a complete business dashboard of key performance indicators and issues in real-time, enabling you to make decisions based on one consistent version of the facts pulled together from all across your company.

One complete system

How do you choose a project-led management system?

One core need is the ability to see everything linked together: projects, clients, resources, the pipeline - everything. Plus, you need to be able to track the impact each element has on overall profitability.

You could get individual systems for each separate element, but this leaves you with lots of systems working in silos. You don’t get an overall view and you have to input the same information into numerous systems. Plus, you pay more for the privilege as the cost of each system soon racks up. Another option is an ERP, but as well as vastly increased costs, the complexity is often overwhelming and not needed.

Synergist gives you one view of everything so you easily track jobs and overall agency health at a glance and on a daily basis.

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The power of a unified system

How Synergist helps you increase profitability

Is driving improved profitability one of your key remits? If so, Synergist is the leading choice, not only because of its renowned KPI-tracking capabilities but because FDs use it to drive efficiencies and even a commercially-aware culture across the team.

Trigger better-informed decisions
across your business

Saving time


Gathering information from a number of sources, systems, and people is time-consuming. Whether that's time spent chasing information or reformatting information, it all eats into your busy day.  With Synergist, everything's pulled together for you so your reports come in whenever you need them in an easy-to-understand and consistent format that’s determined by you. Synergist is also integrated with all leading accounts packages


 What FDs say about saving time 

Easy-to-view profitability


Being able to view the financial health of a job, a client or a time frame at a glance is invaluable. With Synergist, you don’t need to wait until month end, or the next board meeting to get an understanding of which jobs are under or, perhaps more importantly, over. The Synergist dashboard allows you to report on what matters to you at a glance. So you can easily and quickly see what figures are most important to you. 


What FDs say about profitability



Increased team commercial awareness


When everybody across the business understands the commercial implications of their actions, finances start to strengthen. But often the team are laser-focused on their day-to-day remit. With Synergist, everyone has visibility of the jobs. So it’s easy for the whole company to see the good and the bad. This encourages everyone to think about the financial implications of their actions.


What FDs say about team commercial awareness 




Your trusted management system

Every day, thousands of people in creative agencies and other project-based businesses and consultancies rely on Synergist. They use it to manage their projects, track their time, inform their decisions, oversee their clients and drive their businesses forward profitably.

Note that our cloud-based system means they can access Synergist via a browser, wherever they are. Ideal for remote working.

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“Synergist is central to everything we do. Without it, we wouldn't have had the level of success we've had.”

“Since Covid, my focus and attention has been on the bigger picture. I'm constantly running rolling profit-and-loss and cash-flow forecasts.

Peter McQueen
Finance Director, Mediablaze, 2017-2021

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We can now see what is happening at a glance, and effectively manage change.

Synergist is used to manage everything from quotation and scheduling right through to invoicing.

Clare Walsh
Then Digital Delivery Director, Redweb

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“With Synergist, I know what’s going on in every job, and the great thing about it is that I know it as it’s happening. So there are no surprises.

“When we have a Monday morning meeting to allocate who will be working on which job, it’s completely transparent to all.”

Steven Clark
Tayburn’s Finance Director

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