Project Management Software for Consultancies

How can you drive your business to the next level if you don’t have full visibility of how all your resources are being used?

Synergist pulls everything together into one. Imagine updating a project record and knowing that your colleagues can instantly see it reflected right across the system, whether they are in the office or on the move.

Prevent project overruns

Let's take some real-life examples. Are you currently struggling with multiple spreadsheets, or worrying about project overruns?

Renowned consultancy Europe Economics tells us they used to have to wrestle with both those factors.

See their story here.

Improve project visibility

Or are you looking to improve project visibility, speed up invoicing or produce better reports to help management decision-making?

See Online Design & Engineering’s story here.

Improve consultant utilisation

Or do you want more accurate costings, improve consultant utilisation or improve cash flow? 

“With consultancies like ours you need to be on top of utilisation and profitability. You need to be in control of time and able to manage it. You need to know exactly how busy you are, and that has to be directly linked into the core of the business” said the Managing Director of environmental consultancy REC. See their story here. 

Maintaining margins

What level of client service do you give? Wouldn't great service drag down your margins? No, says the MD of consulting engineers Maleon, who have discovered a positive link between giving exceptional service and maintaining margins.

See how they explain it

More user stories

All the current consultancy user stories are here.

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