Synergist Release Summary - Version 11.0

Synergist Desktop User Interface

The Synergist v11 desktop interface has been refreshed to give a cleaner look and feel and ensure consistency with the new browser interface. In addition this new layout is optimised for the larger screens in use on desktops / laptops. (1280 x 768 is now the minimum supported screen resolution). The changes have been made in such a way that existing users should find the new interface familiar and not require additional training.

Joblist And Job


Faster Time & Expense Entry via New Browser Interface - Beta

This new browser interface offers:

  • Improved usability
  • Faster time and expense entry
  • Responsive design
  • New view of calendar bookings with batch conversion to timesheet entries

This is the first release of our all-new browser interface and is initially a beta. Users are therefore able to switch between the existing time & expense module and this new one at will, as both show the same data but offer different functionality. This allows users to try the new interface whilst still having access to the existing one which we will continue to maintain.

System administrators have the option to set which is the default interface for each user.


Quick Job/Phase Addition

Picking a new job/phase to add to a time or expense sheet is now much quicker using the new picker.

Job Picker

Batch Time-sheeting Calendar Bookings

A new view "job list & timesheets" allows the selection of multiple calendar bookings along with the entry of how long has been spent on them and description of work done. In a single click these can then be converted into timesheet entries. They can still be edited prior to posting in the normal way.

PDF logo transparentNew Browser Time & Expense Beta Release Notes


Threaded Activities View

A new threaded view of activity follow-ups in the desktop application giving a single view of all actions taken by date with drill-down facility.


Billing Plans On The Browser Interface

The billing plan feature that's available on the Synergist desktop version has now been added to the browser interface. This includes the facility to create and modify billing plans at both job and phase level. Invoices can also be generated based on billing plans.


Work Allocation Calendar

New "Standard" view

A new view has been added to the calendar called "Standard View" showing a single row per resource with details of each booking shown. The height of each row can be adjusted with the slider at the top of the calendar and columns can be set to show hours or, in the example below, days (note: this functionality was included in a maintenance release in v10.7)


Multi Company Calendar

v11 introduces the facility to have bookings for multiple companies visible in the Work Allocation Calendar simultaneously.

Any companies whose bookings are to show simultaneously must share the same basic setup i.e. shared File Maintenance.

Date Range Control

There is now a simple drop-down control of the number of weeks displayed in the calendar.


Xero - VAT rates

Xero has been enhanced to allow VAT rates to be added by users. Synergist now queries Xero via the API to provide a list of codes in use. This functionality replaces the previously hard-wired list of VAT codes that Xero allowed.


Mailplane Support

Support for Mailplane 3 on Mac for email creation / automated PDF attaching.


Synergist API

A new API is included in v11 that supports the following:

Timesheet Entry

Expense Entry

Calendar (Read only)

PDF logo transparentSynergist v11 Release Notes


Draft / Tentative Calendar Bookings (v11 Addendum)

An August 2015 maintenance release of Synergist v11 included two new features for Calendar Bookings.

Draft Bookings

This allows certain users to put their resourcing requirements directly into the Synergist calendar as "draft bookings", potentially double booking a resource. The calendar administrators can then "level" the resource requirements and convert the "draft" bookings into "confirmed" ones. Once confirmed the user who created the draft booking is no longer able to edit it. Draft bookings are clearly marked with a red diagonal line across the bottom right hand corner of the booking.

A corresponding new feature has been added to the data viewer to allow filtering of bookings between confirmed and draft.

Tentative Bookings

Any user with rights to amend bookings can now mark them as "tentative". This is a separate feature to the "draft" bookings and mimics the functionality seem in many calendar applications such as Outlook. On the Synergist calendar bookings screen they are marked with a hatched area down the left hand side. They are also flagged as tentative in Synergist iCal feeds, used to transfer bookings to other calendar tools.

Full details of both these features are in the following release notes addendum.

PDF logo transparentDraft/Tentative Calendar Bookings (v11 Addendum)


Synergist v11 requires a minimum screen size of 1280 x 768 for both the desktop and browser interfaces.

Synergist v11 requires 4D v13. All clients with a Synergist maintenance contract will receive v11 automatically by overnight update. Any clients without a Synergist or 4D maintenance contract should contact us to discuss the options available.

Synergist v11 desktop version requires OS v10.7.x onwards or Windows 7/8 Pro. It does not support Windows XP or OS v10.6.x or earlier.

Synergist v11 Server version requires OS v10.7.x onwards or Windows Server 2008/2012.

Any clients running a Synergist Server on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 need to be aware that Microsoft are ending support for it on July 14, 2015.  

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