Synergist Release Summary - Version 10.7

Staff Portal

  • User interface update to enhance its usability and appearance
  • Responsive design to allow automatic text resizing based on screen size
  • Simplified menu structure
  • Customisable logos, fonts and colours
  • All standard reports now available via the staff portal as saved reports
  • Data viewer saved views accessible via the staff portal

Client Portal

  • Client can specify account handler when requesting new jobs
  • Auto generated email to new client contacts with login and password info

Please note: The client portal is an additional Synergist module


  • Facility to restrict the type of cost that can be added based on phase type
  • Gantt charts now include opportunity identifier and % weighting info

Work Allocation Calendar

  • Contextual filter added to allow view of work by client, job or phase

Sales Invoicing

  • Invoice approval alerts can now be sent to the client handler only
  • Billing plans can now be dated relative specifically to the job start date

Time & Expenses

  • One click submission of all pending time sheet entries for prior weeks
  • Images of receipts can now be attached to expense lines

Sales & Marketing

  • "Current pipeline stage date" filter added to the opportunities list
  • New sales pipeline chart showing opps by value, weighted value or number
  • Selection and update of multiple contacts based on pasted list of email addresses


  • All standard reports can now be run from the web interface as saved reports
  • Data viewer "saved views" can now be run via the staff portal or on a scheduled basis for delivery by email

Accounts Links

  • Posting of payments and receipts to Sage 200 to better handle payments to focus group members etc.
  • Posting of client and supplier invoice transactions to KashFlow

Flowzone Integration

  • Synergist v.10.7 will support Flowzone verson 5+ but not earlier Flowzone versions

PDF logo transparentFull_Synergist_v10.70_Release_Notes

Synergist v10.7 requires 4D v13. All clients with a 4D maintenance contract will be contacted by the Synergist helpdesk team who will arrange both Synergist and 4D upgrades. Any clients without a 4D maintenance contract should contact us to discuss the various options available.

Synergist v10.7 desktop version requires OS v10.6.x onwards or Windows 7/8 Pro. It does not support Windows XP or OS v10.5.x or earlier.

Synergist v10.7 Server version requires OS v10.6.x onwards or Windows Server 2008/2012

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