Synergist Release Summary - Version 10.6

Quote Line Options

  • Estimates & Quotes can now contain option lines e.g. print quantity options
  • The value of option lines are not included in the grand totals unless they are “picked”

* Please note this feature requires new print layouts, see footnote for details.

Batch Emailing of Invoices

  • Facility to send multiple pdf invoices to a client attached to a single email

Client Sales Targets

  • Quick creation tool for setting monthly sales targets (turnover, gross margin & net margin) for a client based on either annual or monthly figures

Reporting – Data Viewer

  • The data viewer has been enhanced to support “data types” in the cutter
  • This new feature provides the following features:
    • Ability to group the data output by data type
    • The ability to cross tab the output by data type
  • Filtering of activities by activity type, client or client contact
  • Bill to Client added to data viewer

Reporting Additions & Modifications

  • New Schedule Stages Report
  • Enhancements to the following reports:
    • Opportunities - Export
    • Staff Utilisation
    • Projects
    • Organisation & Contact Information - Export
    • Stage - Export
    • Job Cost Summary
    • Client Targets vs Invoicing – Export
    • Standard Client Contact - Export

Consolidated Purchase Orders

  • Facility to consolidate multiple purchase estimates on a job into a single purchase order

* Please note this feature requires new print layouts, see footnote for details

Web Portal

  • Drag and Drop of lines to reorder them has replaced the move arrows on:
    • Invoices
    • Purchase orders
    • Quotes

Xero Account Link

  • The Synergist-Xero accounts link now supports the two optional “Tracking Category” fields with Xero
  • There is a facility to specify the two Synergist fields mapped across to Xero


  • Filtering the estimate list by charge code is now available on the estimating screen
  • Drill down from calendar booking to stage or estimate record
  • From the jobs list you can now choose to see all related calendar booking for a selection of jobs

Gantt Charts

  • % Completion is now shown graphically on Gantt Charts to show level of completion of job/phases/stages/estimates
  • Completed items are now identified with a strikethrough

Marketing Campaign Response Updates

  • Following a marketing campaign there is a new facility to select multiple recipients by email address
  • Selected recipients can then be updated with a response etc via the batch update allowing quick entry of information from external eshotting tools.

Import Wizard

  • The update of existing organisation and contact details is now possible via the import wizard
  • Additional fields are available for mapping:
  • Department
  • Assistant
  • Opt-Outs (email, mail, phone)
  • Contact Roles
  • Social Media Fields

PDF logo transparentFull_Synergist_v10.60_Release_Notes

PDF logo transparentSynergist v10.60 Release (Technical Addendum)

* New print layouts required for Quote Options and Consolidated Purchase Orders

These two new 10.6 features require different print/pdf layouts before they can be used.

We have standard templates available for both new layout kinds.   Once you’re on Synergist 10.6 you can download them here.

You can copy and paste branding graphics from one of your existing layouts onto the new templates.  (You may be using a PDF “watermark” for your layout branding, if so you’ll need to associate it with the new layouts)

Customised versions of both layout kinds, in line with your current layout design, can be done for you at a charge of £75 + VAT per layout.  Have more than 3 quote or 3 PO layouts?  Send your current quote and/or purchase order layout set to to obtain a costing.

Layout customisation will be carried out by either client services at Express Systems or the Synergist support team.  Any additional changes to new or existing layouts are charged at £100 per hour.

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