What Agency MDs Say

We showcase six agencies and the work they do, and find out from their MDs what effect Synergist has had for them.

1. CleverCherry

CleverCherry are a Birmingham-based full-service agency with a digital and creative heritage.

CleverCherry logo
CleverCherry clients

"We no longer have to rely on gut instinct and experience alone. It's there in black & white. Synergist gives me the reports I need".

"It makes decision-making easier and more transparent".

Drayton Manor

"Synergist has helped us be more scalable. People are more empowered now. Decisions that used to drop relentlessly into my lap every day are now taking place with no fuss".

"It's educating the team. They make better decisions now.

"It promotes self-education. Team members are much more aware now of what costs go into a job".

2. Dinosaur

Dinosaur are a Manchester-based integrated communications agency.

Dinosaur clients

"There comes a time in every agency’s life when you stand back and have to decide where you want to take it".

"We decided to get serious. Preparing the agency for growth, getting the basics right..."

Pets At Home

"...And getting a serious system to drive through the efficiencies, give you what you need and be able to grow with you".

"These were long-term decisions. Getting Synergist was a key part of it, and I’m glad we did it".

3. RLH

RLH are a London-based B2B agency.

RLH logo
RLH clients
Fox ad
Elanco ad

"One issue was getting our account management teams to see it as a tool to help them and support them, not a finance tool to beat people with! Once they see the power of what it does for them, they get it".

"We now have data and reporting at our fingertips which help us make better and more informed decisions".


"Our client procurement teams are also happy. That's because we are transparent and so we're seen to be trustworthy".

"Our agency directors are happy, as they can instantly review any project and monitor the success of our teams. So it's a win-win for all".

4. 383 Project

Digital design agency.

383 team
383 client

"Extensive research led us to discover Synergist, from The Agency Works".

"Our work requires a management system and administrative processes to keep tabs on everything that’s happening and to ensure that we achieve our promises to clients as well as safeguarding our profits".

383 client
383 client

"Everyday use is proving to be very straightforward for all our staff. Synergist is proving to be very impressive with the quality and detail of the reports".

"I would certainly recommend Synergist to any agency looking for a system to provide accurate reporting, ease of use for staff to log time, and compatibility with accounting software".

5. Clear B2B

B2B Communications agency.

Clear B2B
Clear team

"It's just amazing".

"Synergist has transformed the running of this agency and greatly increased our profitability".


"Synergist seemed head and shoulders above the rest but what we didn’t know was how absolutely fantastic the after-sales service would be".

"It has really enabled us to keep track of costs".

6. Amaze

London-based full service digital agency.

Amaze clients

"Amaze's then MD: When I look at the MI of our business every Monday, 100% of what I see is driven out of Synergist".

"The FD: Synergist provides one version of the truth, which enables the business to make informed decisions and accordingly make continual changes and improvements".

Virgin Trains

"FD: Synergist provides the link between day-to-day operational information and key metrics which underpin financial performance, which enables business managers to react or plan more efficiently to achieve desired goals".

"FD: It enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the business week to week, tracking both business done and future business".