What's it about?

It’s all about time. Synergist users give staff utilisation a top profitability rating because it answers questions at the heart of every agency’s business: How effectively is our time being spent? What’s the ratio of chargeable to non-chargeable work?

How does it increase profits?

It spells out where the issues are hidden. Focusing on the chargeable / non-chargeable ratio lets you steer the direction of one of your agency’s highest costs — your people. Remember: just having a busy team doesn’t guarantee profitability.

"Synergist makes [big decisions] feasible, because we know exactly when it makes sense from a staff utilisation viewpoint, and everything is tracked so we’re in control" Steven Clark, Financial & Comm'l Mgr, Tayburn

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What's it about?

Full control and total visibility of jobs. Jobs and projects can slip. It’s inevitable. But if you aren’t given any warning about it, you can’t do anything to fix it. Job Health is all about being informed and having the reassurance that there are no big surprises lurking.

How does it increase profits?

It warns you of issues while there’s time to act. In combination with Staff Utilisation, the way to profitability is to ensure jobs come on or under budget. Knowing about delinquent jobs at the moment they miss target gives you a chance to fix them.

"We can act before it’s too late. We now see issues sooner." Simon Butler, co-founder of Purestone

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What's it about?

Speeding up processes, releasing time for more productive work. You can’t increase the number of hours in a day. But you can substantially reduce time spent on administrative work or searching for information that’s scattered across the company.

How does it increase profits?

More time, a unified system and better client service. One factor alone — the time saved — more than justifies the ROI. The rest is a bonus: efficiency, everything in one place, better client service. And you can take on more work without adding staff.

“In the pre-Synergist years it was difficult to gain the information we needed. The process was limited, time was not linked to revenues and it was very time consuming.” Finance Director, Amaze

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What's it about?

Business intelligence. If the decisions you make each day are based mostly on hunches and guesswork, you’re bound to be making some expensive errors from time to time — and it’s not your fault. You just need better data to support you.

How does it increase profits?

It brings clarity to your decision making. A comprehensive system will bring transparency and reason to difficult decisions about clients, recruitment and pricing. And, in any agency, there aren’t many more challenging questions than those.

"Every team member is constantly making decisions. Having all the facts brings a level of objectivity and clarity to decision-making that can be otherwise hard to achieve.” David Ladds, Partner, Bladonmore

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What's it about?

Reducing nasty surprises in resourcing. Planning resources is all about trying to even out the load as far as possible. Knowing everything you can know about the days and weeks ahead helps avoid expensive resourcing issues.

How does it increase profits?

It gives you more control. Reducing reliance on last-minute freelancers and other recruitment costs is a big win. Your ability to schedule with confidence also helps client service. And internal comms also win — everybody knows what they should be working on.

“Synergist pulls everything together. Jobs, estimating, scheduling, purchase orders, quotations…” Deep Sangar, Production Manager, Clevercherry

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What's it about?

Accuracy, speed, intelligence and presentation. In the enthusiasm of setting out prospective work to clients, it’s so easy to overlook details, make a mistake in the budget or not learn from similar previous jobs. Once a quote’s issued, you’re stuck with it.

How does it increase profits?

It increases focus and rigour in a crucial element of business. Correct pricing is obviously vital for profitability. With the right system, quotations are going to be more accurate, faster and more likely to reflect previous experience.

"I can easily see the time spent on a job against what has been estimated, as well as what people are working on and how long it’s taking." Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations, Enjoy Digital

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What's it about?

Keeping track of opportunities and helping to smooth the flow of business. It’s important to know, as far as possible, what bumps and hazards are looming in the road ahead. New business planning helps you match resources and initiatives as needed.

How does it increase profits?

It triggers the actions needed to maintain revenue flow. Better management of the flow of business helps avoid the peaks and troughs that lead to under- or over-resourcing. And better tracking of opportunities helps you avoid overlooking new business.

“Synergist helps us throughout our whole process. From monitoring our lead generation, pipeline and new business activity all the way through to setting up client projects and monitoring their health.”