BenchPress 2021 is now open

 |  By: Kate Jones

BenchPress is the largest independent survey of UK agency owners. It’s a rare chance for you to see how your agency is performing against your peers. And in a year where everything has been turned upside down, that’s pretty valuable to know.

Agencies of all size, location and sector can join in. And by taking part you’ll get a full copy of the report as soon as it’s ready.

The report will delve into key agency performance indicators such as; hourly rates, profitability and new business figures.

BrenchPress has grown enormously since it started and they really want to make 2021’s edition the biggest yet, so they’ve partnered with MailChimp and The Agency Collective to take the survey global. So not only will you be able to benchmark yourself against UK agencies, but you’ll gain a global perspective.

But as with any survey, the more participants, the better the results. So if you want to make this year’s survey as meaningful as possible, then help out your agency community and fill out your survey here.

And you can learn more about the survey, and enjoy other helpful content from agency accountants, The WOW company, here

BenchPress Survey