Synergist Users: Making the Most Of Working From Home

 |  By: Katie Jones

Technology has never provided such a valuable service, uniting families and keeping businesses afloat. But for many, the past few weeks have presented a steep technological learning curve. Even if you're accustomed to having some employees work remotely, it's a completely different challenge when it's your entire office, your client's entire office and it's for an unknown period of time.

So, our implementation partners, The Agency Works, ran a series of 10 minute webinars for Synergist users, to help you get the most from home working whether you're a manager or an employee.

You can see recordings of these webinars below, along with a summary of what's covered in each session.

This session focuses on accessing Synergist remotely while you're working from home. 
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  • If you have an on-premise system you will have to use a VPN. However, if you're cloud-based you can access Synergist via a browser or the Synergist app, which is available on apple and android
  • And yes, there's no escaping it, this session shows you how to fill in your timesheets via the app. As well as how you can view your calendar, see your tasks, complete your tasks and access client details
  • There's also some helpful tips like using Synergist's time recorder, which will help you accurately record time whilst you're sure to be interrupted by you husband, wife, kids or pets 

This session focuses on collaborating on project jobs while working from home 
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  • Benefits of the Synergist activities tab, recording contact against a job or clients
  • Using Kanban boards efficiently for team visibility on tasks, options to customise the boards for your flow
  • Recording time directly from here via the timesheet button
  • How these tools provide a clear, shared area so everyone has visibility

This session focuses on forecasting with Synergist billing plans while working remotely
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  • Looking at billing plans to see revenue coming into the business, and how likely that revenue is
  • How to enabling billing plans (it's a restricted area)
  • Adding new items to the billing plan and synchronising this with the quote
  • Moving billing plan dates, placing them on hold, or giving them a percentage likelihood
  • How to forecast full income value, or gross profit

This session focuses on managing your team's workflow while in different locations
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  • How the Synergist calendar can help you manage capacity and keep job and booking information together
  • Raising work requisitions (work for booking) from activities
  • Setting different types of requisitions, and filtering the calendar accordingly (very helpful if you have different people booking the work)
  • Drag-and-drop booking directly from estimates

This session focuses on sharing documents while working from home
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  • Using Kanban boards as a way of sharing files
  • Uploading and viewing attachments in Synergist
  • Using the 'Create Document' and 'Cloud File Selector' tools in Synergist to create documents (*in version 12.4, cloud version only)
  • Storing emails on Synergist (*this is dependent on your system)