How Synergist helps every member of your agency

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Before we look at how Synergist helps every member of the project team, we first need to briefly address what Synergist is. If you want more detailed information, you can visit our Agency Management Software page or features pages.

Synergist is job costing and project management software. Synergist is one system for project data from estimating to billing, scheduling, timesheets and more. All your project information, both on the project doing side of things and project reporting, is gathered together in one system. This saves everyone time, makes it easier to work remotely and aids smoother projects.

But how?

In this piece, we look at key project roles and share how Synergist supports them in their role.

Agency project team members

Confused projects aren’t just a headache for the Project Manager. They’re frustrating and stressful for all team members including developers, the designers, creatives.

If your priorities aren’t clear and you’re having to rush creative work or you’re feeling pressure to complete work in unrealistic timeframes, then it is not an environment conducive to producing your greatest work. It’s also not enjoyable.

Synergist brings project visibility to everyone, accessible from wherever you are with Synergist’s browser interface or app.

In the schedule, you can see time allocated for jobs along with what’s coming up next. Kanban boards allow you to see your priorities and it’s made clear when you’re overloaded.

Synergist provides access to complete previous project data so the time you’re allocated to complete work is based on how long it took last time, meaning more realistic timescales.

Nobody enjoys doing timesheets, but they must be done. With Synergist, you can do them in one click by converting your scheduled bookings. Synergist will even pre-populate most fields. It couldn’t be easier.

Scheduling screenshot

Kanban board

Project Manager

Feel like your team are always running over and projects are pressured and rushed? Getting project timescales right isn’t only beneficial to project team members, project success relies on it.

Using previous project data, you can be reassured that your estimates and timescales are realistic. Therefore, it becomes obvious when another issue is creeping in. Over-servicing, scope creep perhaps? You can easily identify this and knowing whether the issue is in-house or client-related helps you get back on track quickly.

The financial implications of any issues are immediately visible and fed directly into all financial reporting. No more surprises for you or your Finance Director as live financials are clear as you move through the project.

Synergist’s dashboard gives you a customised view of the project data you want to see, such as time burned vs budget. It’s the first thing you’ll see when you log-in and handy alerts can be set-up to trigger at certain project milestones, helping you keep on top of it all.

The drag-and-drop scheduling and Kanban boards mentioned above, make the scheduling and reorganisation of work as simple as possible and you can easily see your team’s capacity. It also means no tasks are forgotten about while you’re busy juggling multiple activities and projects.

Client Services

As Account Managers and Directors you sometimes need to have difficult conversations with clients. Synergist provides black and white facts to help make these conversations less emotional and damaging to the long-term relationship.

Take over-servicing for example. If you can show a client how many hours have been agreed for a specific piece of project work or month versus how much time has been spent, it’s a much less fractious conversation than telling them you’re going to charge more and expecting them to trust you. Facts leave very little to be questioned.

If you’re reporting from multiple spreadsheets and sources then the numbers aren’t black and white facts, they lack clout as they’re subject to interpretation. There is also more scope for error. Nothing will sour a client relationship quicker than challenging a client to later realise you were wrong.

Synergist can also help you analyse client profitability across multiple projects and various timescales, so you know which clients deserve the most attention, where profitable upselling opportunities exist and what types of clients you want to win and retain in future.

Finance Director

Many of our clients who are Finance Directors say Synergist has saved them hours of time each month. This is largely because they no longer need to sit down with Client Services or Project Managers and decipher where the numbers are coming from and errors don’t ripple across all financial reporting. All the information they need is available in Synergist. No chasing, no out of date information, no pulling things together manually and they can access the data wherever they are.

Custom financial reports can be built using a simple drag-and-drop interface and pulled off immediately. Synergist also has a number of key reports such as period profitability already set-up. All reports can be scheduled to run at the same time each month so you can enjoy a consistent stream of reporting, whilst producing ad-hoc reports as required.

All Synergist data is live, so reports are always up-to-date.

Agency Managing Director, Owner, CEO

As well as enjoying the financial reporting mentioned above. The Managing Director’s customisable dashboard provides a view on overall business health, looking at key areas including profitability, staff utilisation and new business.

You can clearly see which client and project types are profitable, and perhaps more importantly, which aren’t. Many clients report being surprised at which clients are truly their most profitable when they look at overall figures.

This level of visibility is illuminating. Not only does this help you continually ensure that the business is profitable but it’s invaluable information for deciding company focus and direction.

Synergist also helps inform recruitment needs and reduces the over-use of expensive freelancers. Utilisation is crystal clear and easy to report on. So if one area is consistently over-loaded it’s a solid indication that recruitment is needed. Your team will also be able to see this so can bring it to your attention. One invaluable benefit of using Synergist is that your team access the same factual, live data that you do. So, you can be confident in their decision making and know they will bring information to your attention. Allowing you to step back from the day-to-day and focus on the bigger picture.

dashboard view


Synergist is not only for the Managing Director or Finance Director to see how the agency is performing financially. With reduced admin and a greater general understanding of project commercials and timescales, Synergist supports every role. It will help every member of the agency's project team become more efficient and ultimately gift them with more freedom to do their best work.

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