Look what happens when you update a timesheet

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Managing resource

If you put a pinch of salt into a pan of soup and give it a quick stir, it affects every part of the soup.

But if you run your business on spreadsheets and separate apps and you enter something in one location, it just stays there. It doesn’t intelligently ripple across your business updating files and people with the new information. It just sits there, on its own, going stale.

Compare this with what happens using Synergist. If someone updates their online timesheet – from any location such as from their phone at a client’s office – it automatically updates whatever's needed. Budgets and staff utilisation are immediately brought up to date, profit calculations are reassessed, and invoicing prompts, reports and alerts also triggered.

Updating a timesheet

It’s a world away from isolated spreadsheets that get out of date moment by moment. The Synergist approach means that everybody’s always looking at the latest information.

So the next time someone tells you that it's safe to run a business on spreadsheets and little apps, take it with a pinch of salt...