"We discovered we'd been heavily over-servicing."

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Agency management | Managing resource

The Director of Finance at a project-based business in the marketing sector has much to say on over-servicing. Their 30-strong team were constantly busy, but what about the bottom line?

“Previously, our time wasn’t integrated with revenues. We couldn’t track capacity or client profitability.  We used lots of spreadsheets. Information was never up to date.”

But a key revelation quickly surfaced. “Synergist showed us we had been heavily over-servicing.”

Not just over-servicing, but heavily over-servicing.

Could that be you? It’s not hard to see how it can happen. You probably have your suspicions. But suspicions aren't enough: in order to act you need to know precisely where it’s taking place and to what degree. Two challenges :

a)  What if your team get defensive? You don’t want to alienate them.

b) Can it really be turned around, given a long-established culture of over-servicing?

When they saw the reality of the numbers, the first point was dealt with diplomatically by the management team.

“We had to reassure our team that we needed to know these things. It’s not a reflection on them. We just need the facts to make informed decisions. The information empowers the team, and Synergist is here to help them. They get that now. Smarter client conversations take place today.”

The solution is clear: show everyone how the tools help them.

So, what exactly is in it for them?

  • Everybody becomes more productive, more valuable.
  • Everyone sees the bigger picture.
  • They make smarter decisions.
  • In a hyper-busy environment, they don’t waste precious time working on the wrong things.

Another big bonus was in discovering previously-hidden patterns. “We also see patterns in the over-servicing now. For example, by client type. Very Useful”.

So, can over-servicing be turned around? She told us that not only is the answer Yes, but it’s feasible to do a complete 180 turn on it. What's the opposite of over-servicing? Upselling.

“Upselling takes place now. Before Synergist, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve that. Having the data makes all the difference.”