Does your team engage enough with clients?

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Growth and scalability | Managing clients

Gary Winder, Managing Director of REC, told us about a clear trend as he sees it.

“Clients want better engagement, from people who understand and are engaged with the client’s business and its drivers.”

“Every week we meet clients who are not happy, having experienced poor levels of engagement in the past.”

He says that clients want you “to get involved, pick up the phone, be an active participant in their issues and be part of their team”.

But there are problems with that. Time is obviously one. Another is a possible lack of knowledge and cultural experience of team members. Aren’t those unsurmountable barriers? Winder thinks not.

He believes that having better information to hand makes the team far more knowledgeable, more useful to the client and more engaged.

“Synergist changes everything.”

“It links everything into one.”

With it, the team has continuous live visibility of job progress, account details, estimates, approvals, budgets and so on. So, when interacting with clients they have it all at hand, making them come across as more participatory, more a part of the team, more genuinely interested and more understanding of both the details and the wider picture.

Says Winder: “It actively supports our culture” of giving team members the “opportunity to shine at every client touch point.”