B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks report 2018

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Trends

We summarise here the most interesting bits of the 38-page report on the 8th annual B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks survey.

It cites 2,190 respondents from a wide range of industries and company sizes. 44% of the respondents were in Marketing / Communications / PR Management, and a further 18% were in Content Creation / Management.

The majority were North America-based, but the trends, as ever, would seem to have validity globally.

B2C marketing maturity

This question asked respondents to state what their company's content maturity levels are. Their frank assessments of their lack of maturity bodes well for marketing agencies seeking to offer their services:

Outsourcing content marketing

Another gratifying statistic for creative and marketing agencies and PR consultancies. Half of the respondents outsource content creation:

How successful? Not very.

Only 28% of B2C marketers think that their content efforts are very or extremely successful. Room for improvement, then...

Goals, and the creative craft involved

It's great to see so many companies valuing the creative craft needed for content creation. As for their main goal: it's audience building:

Facts win

The craving for facts and credibility heads the pack, so if you're pitching for business it's useful to remember that clients don't want any more padding:

B2C distribution formats

The prominence of social will surprise no-one, but would you have expected how close behind email is?

The most effective B2C formats

Note that this question isn't about increasing general awareness, it's about achieving specific objectives. On that criterion, email wins out.