The fifty percent rule that UK's leading enterprise app developer uses

 |  By: Steve Johnson

We spoke to the MD of a digital agency that has seen their company grow into the UK's leading mobile consultancy and enterprise app developer.

What's the 50% rule about?

"We use Synergist in our marketing management. We track our lead sources very carefully with it.

"It’s really important for us to know which marketing initiatives work and which ones don’t. It helps us decide how we should be allocating budgets.

"I also create reminders of actions and who to call – you can set it all up in Synergist.

"We check the business pipeline weekly with Synergist – it’s essential. Which projects are 95% likely to come in? 75%? 50%? It helps us decide what resources we need to start pencilling into projects.

"Things happen fast here. You have to keep on top of it."

"For us it is essential that we deliver great apps, on time and on budget. Synergist gives us the tools to make sure we can monitor this every step of the way.

"Synergist helps us throughout our whole process. From monitoring our lead generation, pipeline and new business activity all the way through to setting up client projects and monitoring their health. 

"For every project, Synergist shows us how much work is done vs the amount billed. 

  1. Do we have enough time to complete the job on plan?
  2. Are we overrunning?
  3. Is the project in good health?

"These are essential weekly analyses we make with the system. We also check staff utilisation weekly."