How to think visually

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Trends

Do words ever fail you? If so, you are forgiven.

There's an argument that says the following: in times of confusion and change, words can seem a bit superfluous. What people don't crave is yet more verbiage -- they have had a belly full of that already. What they do crave is clarity. They want some sort of roadmap to help them move forward. At such times, a chart, however simple, can help everyone get the picture and start galvanising their energies. But what sort of chart?

Metaphors are powerful at such times. Visual metaphors particularly so. Metaphors, parallels, analogies, allegories (don't worry, we're not going to test you on the differences between those!) can help put across a complex idea in seconds.

So, whether you're pitching an idea to a client or explaining a concept to a colleague, it would help if you could have easy cheat-sheet of visual idea-generators by your side.

In this brilliant chart no less than 72 have been captured and displayed in a small space for easy reference and visual inspiration. You will never be stuck for a visual symbol again...

You don't have to be a graphic designer to appreciate it. Anyone in a creative agency or consultancy trying to communicate an idea needs examples to help bring it to life. Here's an abundance of mind short-cuts to get you started...


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