The CMO Revealed. Personas, priorities, aspirations

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Trends

A new worldwide survey by Forbes Insights will be of interest to marketing agencies developing working relationships with client CMOs (chief marketing officers).

The report identifies six typical CMO persona types and reveals the percentages of each out there. It shows their 15 key responsibilities and how they prioritise them. It also shows what percentage of CMOs are from marketing backgrounds compared with operations, sales, tech or finance. And it shows their personal aspirations in the job and their key struggles.

We summarise the 38-page report below.


1 The Strategic Guru

Likely to be a long-time marketer with strategy-oriented responsibilities. An adept networker and most likely runs marketing at a large company where mastering process and influencing colleagues are paramount.

2 The Dynamic Orchestrator

These types surround themselves with capable people, perform well under pressure, and achieve high scores on agility despite having a big personality and desire for control.

3 The Selective Defender

Selectively pick their battles to defend the marketing turf. This person is less ambitious and more risk averse than average. Has more limited responsibilities and little to do with corporate strategy.

4 The Conventional Coach

Carries out static plans under rigid controls for large, slow-growth companies. This person has a narrowly defined function and tends to engage less in social media and e-commerce. Is pressured to demonstrate marketing ROI and often clashes with other functions over budgets, targets, and deadlines.

5 The Demand Driver

Typically comes from a sales background and has CRM and lead-generation responsibilities. Scores poorly in technology use and talent recruitment but is relatively strong when it comes to coordinating activities across channels and touchpoints.

6 The Untapped Potential CMO

Faces not only a revenue growth mandate but also a shrinking budget. This CMO traditionally works in slow-growth companies with weak corporate cultures and talent pipelines. Such people report tight internal controls and have little agility to adapt marketing plans.






Source: Forbes Insights. 'The Growth CMO. Personas and Potential.'