Types of content that clients most want

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Managing clients

A recent survey of 500 digital publishers showed what types of content they wish they could see more of.

Articles and infographics headed the list. What they liked the least were press releases, flipbooks and quizzes.

Content that clients most want

So infographics continue to ride high. But what is really meant by the word ‘infographics’ nowadays? One thing that's certain is that the ‘info’ element needn’t be particularly academically rigorous (to say the least). In fact it hardly needs to be present at all. The current definition of the infographics genre is a way of presenting material that is graphical, often cartoony, in bite-sized chunks, easy to grasp, pleasing to the eye and often has a slight tongue-in-cheek element to it. To work, it also needs some element of truth that the reader can relate to.

Three particular design elements that also help define the genre are

  • headings with lots of space around them
  • a confident use of fonts
  • certain ubiquitous graphic forms such as dotted lines

For a contemporary example exhibiting all of the above aspects, you could do worse than look at the recent Six Coffee-Drinking Personality Types that’s circulating right now. It’s the sort of piece that gets the job done for the client (raises awareness of different types of coffee) but in a light-hearted (should we say frothy?) way that raises a knowing smile, doesn’t feel like an ad, is readily forwarded to friends and colleagues and is extremely memorable.

That's not bad for a piece that doesn’t contain any actual data, research or info at all...

It all amounts to a literally limitless set of opportunities for marketing, communications and digital agencies today, in a marketplace where people don’t seem to ever tire of seeing infographics. And why would people stop looking at them anyway? Given the choice between wading through an article and glancing at a cartoon, which is likely to win out?







Source: https://marketingland.com/500-publishers-weighed-content-marketing-best-practices-research-90603