Marketers need agencies for competitive edge

 |  By: Katy Turner In: Trends | Managing clients

Research suggests marketers are ‘behind the times’ in some areas and their need for agencies is growing. Despite this, the number of agency-client relationships is diminishing with 27% of marketing clients ceasing outsourcing digital agencies altogether in 2015. The fundamental reason for this being that agencies are not necessarily targetting areas most valued by clients.


Agencies that have experience in emerging trends and those that can identify and solve pain points for clients are more likely to thrive, as it's these areas that are considered most important.

This survey shows that clients need less help with data usage to drive digital marketing effectiveness and user experience while the remaining areas require assistance.


The study suggests that a vast amount of opportunities to assist marketers do still exist for agencies but the need to innovate and outpace the competition is ever-growing.