Transparency now key reason for choosing project management

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Visibility

In a new survey of UK buyers of project management software, 45% of the respondents said that they were installing a system to help increase transparency:

Reasons for evaluating software

We find this an interesting finding. In our own - admittedly more anecdotal - research over the past few years, the above chart holds generally true in terms of the desire to improve processes, organisation, productivity, efficiency and so on. But transparency would have been further down the list even two or three years ago.

The new data does, however, ring true today. We now hear a lot about transparency from our sector. It's clearly a client-driven phenomenon; you could summarise it is as an emerging three-pronged shift of client priorities:

  • Clients demand results.
  • Clients want value.
  • Clients want transparency.

Even so, seeing transparency become a driver for no less than 45% of those choosing a system is a fascinating validation of those trends.

The same survey revealed what buyers of such systems were previously using. 52% of the UK respondents were using manual methods, such as spreadsheets and/or office management suites:

Current methods

Due to the large number of prospective buyers looking to transition from manual project management methods to software systems, the survey looked at user pain points. The number one was the realisation by companies that they had outgrown their current methods:

Reasons for replacing

It is perhaps interesting to note there that 45% found their current methods (spreadsheets) to be too complex. Many people would consider spreadsheets to be inherently simple tools compared with fully-fledged project management systems, but the reality in terms of using them can be the reverse. Getting valuable, accurate and timely information out of an array of spreadsheets is notoriously complex compared with simply selecting a key report from a full system.

Finally, the survey addresses the most-requested functionality first-time buyers specify for their new system:

Top requested

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Many thanks to Cecilia Riester of Software Advice for sending us this above UK data which they extracted from their international survey.