Few companies make data available to employees in real time

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Visibility

In a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit  published last week from worldwide surveys of company executives, the following picture emerged:

  • Only 27% of respondents said all employees have access to the data they need
  • 28% said their company don’t capture data and make it available in real time
  • 65% said that some departments have much better access to data than others


In contrast, respondents at companies who have made data more available to them said the following:

  • Almost half said their quality of speed and execution have improved
  • Almost half said they are better able to respond to external market threats and opportunities
  • 42% said that decisions at all levels of their organisation are made faster


These low adoption numbers are remarkable and even shocking to us. It’s not like computers have only just been invented. We're a decade and a half into the 21st century, yet three quarters of people aren't given the data they need to do their jobs properly?  For goodness sake.

Of course, we must declare an interest here. Synergist provides real-time information systems. But we are genuinely perplexed that so many companies are still creating all these self-inflicted wounds. Isn’t business tough enough already without blindfolding three quarters of your employees?

It's not like the impact of getting a proper system is in any way ambiguous. We never tire of hearing our clients tell us about the difference their new system makes. Faster and better decision-making at every level. Improved collaboration. Increased employee engagement and empowerment. Not to menton improved profitability. How much more do companies need to hear before they move to catch up?

Source: https://www.emarketer.com/Article/Big-Data-Has-Big-Effect-Shared-Companywide/1011945