Marketing areas that clients want help in

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Trends | Managing clients

From time to time we come across a new survey that spells out exactly what clients most want help in.

Today we highlight a new international survey of marketing and business professionals, 74% coming from B2B and 26% from B2C. It reveals clients' biggest obstacles when delivering landing pages, marketing content and social media.

Content marketing

It seems that clents simply don't have the internal resources to create the content they need, and they haven't been able to articulate a clear strategy for content either.

If these aren't green-light opportunities for digital and marketing agencies, then what are? Note that clients say both these obstacles come ahead of budget issues.


Landing pages

It's a similar picture here. Clients simply don't have the internal resources to create the landing pages they need, and if they did they can't yet think up enough good content that would trigger actions. Budget issues come way down the list.


Social media

Once again, clients admit they don't have the internal resources or skills, and if they did they wouldn't know how to measure the results.


To marketing agencies, digital agencies and PR consultancies: how good is it to see prospects stating so clearly that they need your services?