SMEs and Digital Marketing

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Managing clients

Small and and medium enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to impliment digital marketing themselves, according to a recent survey.

Respondents were asked whether they understood digital marketing and did it themselves. A year ago 40% said Yes. But now that figure has dropped eleven percentage points to 29%.

The survey was US-based, but the trend is certainly interesting.


Does it mean that this sector is finally realising the complexities involved and the need for specialist advice? It looks that way. The marketing research also shows that SMEs certainly aren't shy at spending money on digital marketing. A huge 37% said they planned to spend more in the next 12 months on digital than in the last. And the number saying they prefer to pay a marketing expert also went up.

It's all encouraging news for digital agencies and marketing agencies generally.

In a separate survey, this time embracing international markets including the UK, 38% of small business owners said that Marketing, Advertising and PR are areas they wished they had spent more on in their early days.