Agency clients and landing pages

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Managing clients

In a new international survey of marketing, sales and business professionals, 45% said that their single most challenging obstacle to landing page optimization success was a lack of internal resources.

Landing Page Optimization 2

The respondents are very open to outside help. Over three quarters of them say that the best way to produce such work is to outsource it, either in combination with internal resources or exclusively outsourced.

Landing Page Optimization 3

They also have clear ideas about what’s the most effective technique in landing page optimisation:

Landing Page Optimization 4

So it’s not that clients think these are all impossibly hard things to achieve. They simply don’t have the internal resources to carry them out on their own.

Here’s the summary, then:

  • Clients know what projects they want
  • They understand the effectiveness of them
  • And they admit they need help.

If that isn’t music to the ears of agencies in the digital and marketing sectors, what is?