Creativity and Commerce - Striking a balance

 |  By: Nick Lane

As part of our support of the DADIS, tomorrow we’re hosting a roundtable event at The Groucho Club in conjunction with The Drum. The topic being discussed is ‘Striking the balance between creativity and commerce’ and we're focusing on digital agencies.

We're delighted to have joining us:

    • Natalie Gross, CEO, Amaze
    • Kent Valentine, Director, Draw Digital
    • Richard Bruton, Managing Director, Propeller Communications
    • Simon Butler, Managing Partner, Purestone
    • Stuart Wells, Managing Director, Wickedweb

Keith White, MD, Synergist and myself will be there, and no doubt the discussion will explore many issues of relevence to all agencies. We’ll be collating content that we know will be of interest and posting it here on the blog.

About the topic

Everyone wants to work for an agency that is thriving, winning exciting new clients and hiring talented fresh faces. But how do you balance commercial success with creative freedom? How do you ensure that your team remains creatively motivated while becoming commercially aware? Can you guarantee that you won’t lose your agency culture while striving for growth?

The group will discuss the principles required to grow an agency business while staying true to its core creative beliefs. It will look at why it is matters that every member of the team feels involved in its commercial and creative success, and the importance of nurturing staff who are as commercially savvy as they are creatively competent. From the perspective of creative agency management and design project management today, the participants have set themselves a fascinating brief.