What B2B Clients Want

 |  By: Steve Johnson

A new annual survey about B2B content marketing shows some revealing pointers as to what clients are looking for.

Although it's based on North America, it reflects a good audience mix of 1,820 marketers and business managers across multiple B2B sectors and company sizes, so it probably gives some insights that are universal.

It's all good news for marketing agencies and agencies in the communications, creative and digital sectors. So, what are the specific opportunities? We've summarised the 40-page report into a quick read here that focuses on answers to such questions as:

  • What do clients find the most difficult to do when creating B2B content?
  • What performs best for clients in their B2B marketing mix?
  • What are the specific goals that clients hope to get out of new content?
  • What percentage of their marketing budget are they prepared to spend on content?
  • What's the biggest surprise from the survey?

The results

1. Making content engaging and consistent are clients' biggest challenges.

B2B content challenges

2. Content marketing spending is still increasing. 55% of companies are looking to spend more.

B2B content marketing spend

And the percentage of their marketing budget that they are spending on content is:

28% for B2B and 25% for B2C.

3. The 14 types of content that clients are juggling with are:

B2B content usage

4. The eight prioritised goals that B2B content are trying to meet are:

B2B organizational goals

5. And the biggest surprise? In spite of the blizzard of digital channels, in B2B it turns out that you still can't beat face-to-face...

B2B content effectiveness