Email relevance increased?

 |  By: Steve Johnson

For those of you involved in creating email campaigns for clients, you should pat yourselves on the back right now. A new UK survey says that consumers aren’t getting disillusioned by incoming emails after all – in fact they now find them more interesting and relevant than at any time over the last four years.

OK, the rating has only increased by one percentage point. And it relates just to the emails from brands that they have opted-in to receive. But even so, in the blizzard of marketing communications that UK consumers are on the receiving end of, an upturn of interest in emails is probably not what a lot of pundits would have predicted.


Click-throughs are down, but bypassing is up

Email click-throughs have been consistently declining throughout the four years tracked by the survey. But all is not lost there. Just look at the other parts of the graph below. Note that the survey is based on what actions the consumer takes when receiving an interesting email.

Although people are increasingly avoiding the click button, 35% of people seeing the email then go to the website anyway, a big rise. And 30% are visiting the brand’s shop, another big jump. All while click-through rates go downwards. So what’s happening there?

It presumably means that consumers are increasingly wary of what happens when they click, preferring to take their own paths instead. They read the emails, and if they find them interesting and relevant they decide what to do next. Without clicking. Which certainly means that email click tracking statistics considerably understate the success of campaigns.


Using mobiles to view emails

The other statistic that leapt off the pages of this 30-page report is this: 29% of UK consumers now view email subject lines via their mobile phone as their primary device. So, when you’re carefully crafting those brilliant subject lines for clients, are you visualising that 3 in 10 of your audience will read them on their phone?


Finally, how many brands do consumers sign up to?

Here’s one final stat. UK consumers are signing up to receive emails from up to eleven brands. Eleven point five, to be precise. Get your client's brand inside that magic number, and you're home.

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