Marketing Trends Survey

 |  By: Steve Johnson

A new report surveying companies across multiple industries in the US and Europe asked about their marketing plans for 2015.

The strongest winners were email marketing, social media and search. Email came out particularly strongly.

2015 marketing programmes to increase

The biggest losers were print, direct mail and trade shows.

2015 marketing programmes decrease

54% of the companies expect their marketing budget to increase, typically by 5-10%:

Marketing budget change

Of ten types of contact data analysed, demographics, purchase history and web behaviour are the three that are driving email marketing the most:

Data driving emails

Finally, web behaviour is the data they would most like to harness:

Data wanted for driving emails

So, overall the picture looks good for marketing agencies, digital agencies and creative agencies generally. And as we've noted in our earlier postings, email marketing continues to go from strength to strength. However for advertising agencies the picture for print advertising is disappointing to say the least. Take heart that online display advertising nevertheless projects a big rise next year.

The survey was carried out by Strongview, a cross-channel marketing solutions provider.