Content creation is an agency priority

 |  By: Steve Johnson

In a survey released this week, over three quarters of global marketing managers say that content creation is their number one 2014 priority.

So what’s the angle here for agencies? Lots. Here are some recent stats, which happen to relate to the B2B sector in the USA, but they clearly have relevance for marketers everywhere.

The survey

The survey says that companies are having difficulty producing the content they need. Small companies (under 100 employees) don’t have the time to create it – they give lack of time as their biggest challenge when creating content. And large companies? Their biggest concern is that their content might not be engaging enough.  Here’s a snapshot of the three biggest challenges they cite:


So, it’s clearly a big issue on the marketer’s mind just now. How big? The survey says that companies are now spending 30% of their marketing budget on content creation.


How much more content do they plan to create? The answer is ‘significantly more’, according to around third of the respondents:



Outsourced or in-house?

Finally, how much of all this will be given to agencies to create?

One recent survey by a content marketing agency ( showed that 58% of companies did not outsource any of their content in 2012, but that decreased to 50% in 2013, and with a larger pie. It obviously implies that as the need for content grows, and companies assign ever-greater strategic importance to it, they are increasingly looking for expert help.

But it’s a classic dilemma. The company knows their products and markets inside out. The agency can’t get as deep, but they can bring objectivity, innovation, fresh energy, newer delivery methods and a strong discipline for deadlines. In truth, it cries out for a model that both sides need to develop together in order to create a partnership that makes everyone succeed.

Either way, it’s not often that clients large and small agree on the importance of something as fundamentally as content. A few years ago you had to educate clients on the power of having compelling new material. Today? They really get it. No question. It’s an area brimming with opportunities for PR consultancies and agencies in the marketing, communications, digital and creative sectors.


[Notebook image by Santi Siri]