Manage your studio for maximum productivity

Synergist helps you drive work through your studio, reduce inefficiencies and empower your team to spend more time using their talents delivering outstanding work to clients

Synergist breadth

Running a studio is tricky with a need to balance creative inspiration and commercial reality.

With Synergist, you have both the big picture and every detail at your fingertips including: all current and upcoming tasks, drag and drop team scheduling, Kanban boards, work requests, briefs, linked /attached files, project health alerts and capacity planning.

Synergist seeds collaborative working. Visibility of project deadlines, dependencies and work in progress, at individual and team level helps everyone understand the implications of their actions and the time sensitivities of their work. It removes communication blocks and encourages a smoother flow of work.

1000s of people working within busy studio environments use Synergist every day. Here’s some of the features that help them manage their workflow for maximum project efficiency.

Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards

  • Synergist’s Kanban boards ensure a smooth flow of work through the studio
  • Make sure nobody is over or under-loaded.
  • Project and individual priorities are clear
  • No tasks are forgotten about. Views can be filtered to show only incomplete work or only work in progress for example.
  • Synergist’s configurable boards mean you can have as many workflow status as your project needs.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Clearly see capacity and future availability at individual and department level.
  • Simplify your booking and reorganising of work with an easy, visual drag-and-drop interface.
  • Briefs and other project notes can be added to calendar bookings so everyone has all the information they need at their finger-tips. No need to wait for someone to finish a meeting, or worse, return from holiday to get started on the next task.
  • Account Handlers / Project Managers can raise requests for resource directly on the jobs including work instructions, attached files and preferred resource. These are easily dragged onto the schedule to create bookings that include all the information needed to get on with the work.
  • In one click, timesheets are created directly from the booking – leaving no excuses.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Your personal dashboard

Synergist Dashboard

  • See an accurate picture of what is happening in your studio the moment you log-on.
  • Your dashboard is customisable, so you can choose what information is most vital to you.
  • It’s simple, visual and a wealth of live project data is delivered in a format that enables you to take actions on what you see.
  • Potential issues and/or time and budget milestones are flagged with project alarms so any issues are always identified before it’s far too late.

Quotation Marks

The studio has benefitted greatly. It's removed a lot of admin. It's cleaned everything up, made it slick. No more post-it notes flying around. No more physical timesheets. No, we wouldn't go back to all that now.

Deep Sangar, then Production Manager, Clevercherry


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