Introducing Synergist

Synergist is the UK’s leading project management solution*

Track your entire project lifecycle: schedule work with Kanban boards, manage capacity, track time vs budget, enjoy up-to-the minute bespoke financial reporting, utilise helpful planning tools and visual project displays. Find out how Synergist can provide you with luminating information to protect your projects and aid growth.

Synergist is trusted by over 500 leading agencies and other project-based businesses.

* Synergist was voted leading project management solution in a recent poll conducted by BCM

Synergist’s dashboard feature simplifies everything. Your tailored view allows you to immediately see the health of all your projects or the financial health of the business. Presented in a user-friendly and visual way, with charts, estimates vs actual indicators and a list of all your jobs and tasks, Synergist makes it painless to digest.

Add dependencies via a simple drag and drop interface. Tasks/milestones can even drive billing plans, so changes are automatically reflected in both the project schedule and financial forecasts/reports. You can see everything that matters to you, or everything full stop.



We all pride ourselves on our instinct. It’s got us where we are. But is it enough to run a business on? To be able to support instincts with solid data is enormously reassuring.

Synergist users on: Facts


Difficult decisions

Big decisions are hard. Should we let a client go? What sorts of projects should we be focusing on? Having the data makes tough decisions and conversations easier.

Synergist users on: Decisions


Profitability decisions

A primary reason for choosing Synergist is to get the tools and information to be able to help you systematically drive profitability up across your company.

Synergist users on: Profits

"Solving the profitability problem was key. Now, our Exec team can go to the Board meetings every month and say ‘We’re getting it right!’ The list of things to sort out gets smaller every month. We’re down to finessing things now. There are no more instances of us not understanding profitability issues. That’s all behind us."

Sara Blannin, Finance Director of ECUS

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"Synergist has really helped with our end-to-end journey. It’s not just about securing client details or invoices, but managing everything; from business development through to completing the project, including estimation, quoting, scheduling and time recording.

"We used to use so many systems, now it’s all handled by Synergist."

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations at Enjoy Digital