80% of consumers forget content details within three days

 |  By: Kate Jones In: Trends

80% of consumers forget content details within three days.

And half can’t remember a single thing.

This is according to Science of Attention, a newly-released survey researched by Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr. Carmen Simon, delivered by CensusWide and commissioned by Prezi.

“Attention paves the way to being memorable” says Dr Simon.  

The survey was designed to aid marketers’ understanding of what creates memorable content with the aim of winning consumer’s hearts and encouraging sales.

The Content Marketing Institute’s latest trends report stated that, on average, 29% of brands’ total marketing budget is spent on content marketing alone, so these are valued insights.  

Here’s some key findings from the survey, which included 2,035 people in the UK, aged over 16 and was conducted in April:

  • 80% of people can't remember content details after three days.
  • Presentations do even worse. 50% of people can't recall even one point after only two days.
  • At 55%, irrelevance was cited as the main reason for forgetting content.
  • 30% of respondents said they are exposed to too much content for it to make an impact.
  • 51% only read the headline.
  • When content did cut through 37% of respondents enjoyed video content. Perhaps surprisingly, written content (28%) was deemed more engaging than face-to-face presentations (21%).

But the good news for marketers is that 48% of respondents said they would make a purchase if they were engaged by the brand and felt active in a conversation. The conversational element was especially important to 16-24 year olds, where this jumped to 70%.

Here's the full Science of Attention survey along with advice on how to create memorable content.

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