The risks of silos developing in your agency

 |  By: Kate Jones In: Managing resource | Visibility

How do silos start, exactly?

Slowly. That’s how.

At first there’s not much to see, so you hardly know they’re starting. But they grow and grow, and people begin to become reliant on them.

They inevitably bring problems.

  • They are isolated.
  • They get out of date.
  • There are hidden errors in them.
  • Their original purpose, origin and limitations get forgotten.

And before you know it, you’ve got inconsistent data, reports that aren’t trusted, ill-informed decisions being made, a big reconciliation challenge, and a lot of peoples’ time invested in dead ends.

The MD of London digital / creative agency told us how that started to happen in their agency. They had decided to focus efforts on separate customer types, each with its own specialist team. It worked well. However an unexpected issue surfaced.

“We focus on three client sectors here, but each was starting to develop its own way of doing things.

“We needed one way, to avoid fragmentation.

If you don’t nip it in the bud, it just gets bigger. “You need a proper system.”

They chose Synergist.

“Getting the new system helped enormously to pull it all together.”

“We used to spend masses of time searching for information or pulling together reports or estimating work or doing invoices. Such a waste.

“Now, that’s all cleaned up. It leaves more time for client focus. An agency bogged down in internal process-noodling can never be authentic because It’s oriented inwards rather than outwards.”

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