New John Lewis ad is a small miracle

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Trends

Launching the new John Lewis TV advert immediately after the startling result of the US election can hardly have been their ideal roll-out plan…

But that’s how it worked out. So congratulations to director Dougal Wilson at adam&eveDDB who seems to have pulled it off. The new ad has just been released, and the majority of early comments have only good things to say about it.

Of course the pundits and cynics are in full flow. Some say that because it doesn't include Santa it's 'ruined their Christmas.' Even the Guardian’s Stuart Heritage doesn't say that, but he is hilarious nevertheless. He’s the writer who said that last year’s John Lewis ad was the one where ‘the world’s loneliest man dies in space.’ He sees this year’s as an allegory of the Clinton / Trump election. The girl is Hillary, and the dog is Trump. The dog wins. See his review.

But we refuse to be cynical. To create bounce at the end of a divisive year like 2016 is a huge achievement. A small miracle at Christmas. See the ad here.

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